Nicola - Woven

With the new embossed woven pattern on premium synthetic leather, anywhere will feel like a holiday.


Nicola - Textured Denim

Groovy in an opulent kind of way.


Contemporary and lightweight for the bits and bobs.

Nicola - Luxe Canvas

Bring an opulent sense of dress along with the premium luxe canvas.


A classy premium synthetic leather mini tote that never fails to complement your outfit.

Nicola - Denim

Kick it back with the OG player: denim.

The things that make Nicola perfect

Easy pockets for days

Slip in the little things in life without fumbling around.

From the hands of true craftsmanship

Designed by co-founder Nicole W., there's a touch of quality from start to finish.

Mini but mighty

Perfectly sized mini tote for fitting all your bits and bobs.