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*Please allow between 5 working days to process personalization.
*Personalized item cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.
*Refer to product thumbnails for actual color(s) and position(s) of personalization.

Engraving is only available for the following product: 
  • Ribag Hobo and Ribag Hobo Mini
  • Basta 2 and Basta 2 Mini
  • Hanis, Cake Bag
  • Nik Bag Tag
  • Coley Bag Tag
  • Ribucket, Ribae, Ribucket Mini, Rimoon, Rifanny, Rinew
  • RR bag
  • Eswallet

Embossing is only available for the following products: 

  • Iconic Essentials range
    • (Esleeve, Esleeve 2, Eswrist, Escard, Escess, Espass, Espass 2, Escard S, Escard M, Escard L) 
  • Esmoon, Esmoon 2, Esmoon 2 Mini
  • Esatch S, M, L and XL 
  • Niko-Niko 2, Niko-Niko 2 Mini and Niko-Niko 2 Wee 
  • Niko-Niko 2.1 and Niko-Niko 2.1 Mini
  • Ribag, Ribag Mini and Riclutch
  • Edie and Edie Mini
  • Lofarbag, Lofarbag Mini, Lofarbag 2, Lofarclutch
  • Nik and Nikki
  • Coley, Coley Plus
  • Kita, Kita Mini, Kita Clutch
  • Ripurse

For pre-selected personalization colours (i.e gold, bronze) please refer to respective product page 


      • Please follow the instructions on the card provided with the purchase of your bag. 

      • A flat rate delivery fee of SGD 6.00 will be automatically added to your checkout total as we will be sending the bag back to you via our courier partner.

      • Please ensure that you email the following details to : 
        - Personalization order number.
        - Tracking number once you have shipped the bag to us. 
        - Courier company name.