Journey of life with the Super Estela 2

Synonymous with style and functionality, the Super Estela 2 is always ready to tackle life’s transitions effortlessly.

the everyday

super sidekick

From work to traveling to eventually building a family, the Super Estela 2 leaves no one behind. Don’t be surprised by its versatility to adapt to different lifestyles.

A new milestone in life is extra memorable with the Super Estela 2’s extra features. Choose only to include additional accessories for when you’re out and about with your little one.

Flattering the super features

Trolley Sleeve

Nothing can stop the Super Estela 2 from going wherever you want. Its trolley sleeve integrated with hidden Velcro will allow you to conveniently slide the bag over the handle of the suitcase.

Super Organizer

A bag without an organizer is like a body without a soul. Keep your bag neat and clean with this soft and washable cotton bag insert that will change the life of your bag.

Super Stroller Straps

SSS - Sturdy, Smart & Strong. Your shoulders will be grateful for these Super Stroller Straps that are integrated with non-slip velcro, so you can attach the diaper bag to the stroller safely.

Super Changing Mat

Happiness can be found even in the darkest time. Diaper changes can be filled with drama, this portable diaper changing mat makes the smelliest time spent with your baby much more bearable.

Note: Super Organizer, Stroller Straps and Changing Mat can be purchased as add-ons to elevate Super Estela 2.