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What is personalization?

Personalization is an exclusive feature of adding a name, word, or selected symbols onto the product. We provide various forms of personalization such as embroidery, engraving, embossing, stitching and plexiglass engraving, depending on the collections we offer. Learn more about personalization.

Are there any additional charges for personalization?

All customizable products will have an additional charge of RM29.00 to RM39.00 per personalization. Price varies for certain forms of personalization.

What and how many characters are allowed?

Alphabets A-Z, numbers 0-9 and some symbols ,.-‘& of up to 3* or 10 characters are allowed.

A ‘space’ is considered a character as well. All characters will be in all uppercase or proper to lower case**, depending on the collection. Please refer to the thumbnail images on the product page for actual representation of the name.

*The Puffy Collection allows up to 3 characters only for personalization.

**Personalization font letter case vary by country. For more info, WhatsApp our customer service line here.

Where on the product will the personalization be located?

The location of personalization varies with each collection. Please refer to the thumbnail images on the product page for actual representation of the name. Learn more about personalization.

I’ve placed my order. Where can I get a reference of what I have personalized on my item?

There are two ways you can check:

1. You can refer back to the order history by logging into your account at

Check in your order history and refer to the order number. You will be able to find your order details, including personalization details of your order.

2. Check in your inbox for an order confirmation email that comes with the order details. Using that, you may crosscheck personalization details.

Note: If your order confirmation email is not found, please refer to the promo, updates or spam folders. If you have not received one at all, please contact us via WhatsApp at +6012-5121882 or email us at

How long does it take to receive my order with personalized items?

• For orders with personalized items received through Orders will be shipped out within 5 working days.

• For walk-in purchases of personalized items at showrooms: Orders will be ready for collection within 6 hours if purchased before 8pm. Orders received after 8pm will be ready for collection on the next working day.

• For online purchases of personalized items that have opted for self-pickup at showrooms: Orders will be ready for pickup within 5 working days. This is due to the long queue of Malaysian and global orders we receive.

For further enquiries, please WhatsApp us at +6012-5121882 or email us at

Can I exchange or return the product after personalization?

Personalized products are final and cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded. For further enquiries, please WhatsApp us at +6012-5121882 or email us at


How do I purchase the bag(s)?

1. Visit

2. Select the product you wish to purchase

3. Choose to add a name (personalization) to the product. There are two options:

- NO, ADD TO CART: add your item into cart with no name. ("Your Name" will not appear on the product)
- YES, ADD A NAME: enter your name, a word or a symbol, select font and color, then add to cart

5) Proceed to checkout and complete payment.

How do I make payment?

You can securely checkout via:

1. iPay88 (supports Visa, Mastercard, Major Malaysian Banks Online E-debit, FPX, MEPS Cash, Mobile Money and more) for online banking*, credit cards, and debit cards

2. Shopback PayLater, a buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) service

3. GrabPay

(Note: PayLater by Grab is not available on our platform currently)

*Note for Brunei Customers: please opt for credit card payment through iPay88, as online banking is not available for Brunei.

If you are facing issues, please contact us via call or WhatsApp at +6012-5121882 or email us at

Why is the bag sold out even though it's in my cart?

We're sorry you were unable to complete your order. Products may run out of stock while remaining in your cart, as we do not hold them. The checkout process must be completed.

Why is my order status ‘Unfulfilled’?

An "unfulfilled" status refers to your order being received, confirmed and under process before shipping out. Once your item has been shipped out and the tracking number is available, the status will be turned to "fulfilled".

Can I amend my shipping address/method after my order has been confirmed?

If your shipping address/method is inaccurate, kindly reachout to us on WhatsApp or email us and share the following details:

Order No:
New Address:
Shipping Method: Courier or Self Collect

IMPORTANT: Changing shipping details is time sensitive. Please update our support team within 2 hours of completing your purchase.


Why are the bags always sold out?

We deeply apologize for the limited stock. Our bags are designed to be limited and unique for exclusivity. To follow our restocking updates for selected collections, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

For restock requests or for more information, please reach out to us on WhatsApp or drop us an email at

Will sold out bags be available for Pre-Order?

Unfortunately, we do not take pre-order for restocked products for now.

Will the sold out bags be restocked?

Our bags are semi-handmade in pre-determined units. We may cease production when the agreed quantity limit is achieved.

However, certain collections do get restocked under special circumstances and high demand. Subscribe to our newsletter at and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates.


The item I received is faulty.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. We do provide returns and exchanges of product purchased due to manufacturing defects, within 10 days of receiving the product. Please refer to our return policy here for more information.

Can I use wet wipes to clean my bag from coffee stains, dirt, etc?

We advise using a damp cloth to spot clean before air drying and storing into the dustbag provided. Refrain from using wet wipes, sanitizing wipes, or any chemical cleaning products to prevent material damage, discoloration and so on.

Can I handwash or use a washing machine to wash my bag?

No, it is not advisable to wash our bags as it may cause material or hardware damage.

Are bag repairs accepted?

Yes, on a case to case basis. Please reach out to us on WhatsApp or drop us an email at

My bag is fine but the strap is damaged. Can I replace it?

On a case to case basis and upon stock availability, we offer strap replacement at no cost except a shipping fee of RM10.

Can't find the answer you're looking for?

If you can't find the answer to your question on this page, please text us via WhatsApp +6012-5121882 to chat with our team, or drop us an email at